title of summer

there are many ways to define summer.  i shall do it as simply as i can.  instead of playing taiko again this summer in yokkaichi, japan and hearing the sonorous “kani” and “semi” i hear the “rrrrrrrrrrr” and the “bang.”  in other words, I am cutting and hitting wood.  sure this is music, too, but of a different kind.

back when i lived in japan i became spoiled.  i took things for granted.  like simple things i enjoyed i knew all the ways to get it.  cars (had 2 suzukis), good quality cheap clothes (uniqlo, miki glasses and machouse?, and my fav sushi and green tea ice cream (kappa or genki sushi/mini stop).

now i am back in the us of a (happy 4th tomorrow) and am working for a second summer for a local cabinet maker.  i enjoy learning something new.  however there is a HUGE difference between numbers and words.  i know, i know i can spell out numbers, but it is not the same.  like knowing quickly:






those are the easy ones, now:













how about:





then there is all these in between, and because i stopped this blog writing to write a text, and have returned, my mind is fuzzy.  that, and instead of waking in the land of the rising sun, my body woke up at 7am on a day i could have slept later.  so, my theory of my rem being at the wee hours is fast becoming law:/

in conclusion, the voice of god is indeed in a tree, and i hope for god’s sake (that is not “sa-ke”), i am not hurting the communication between man and god with all the electric saws i am using.  i hope the next time i get a chance to live in japan i will be lucky enough to watch a taiko being made.

so, as a post script…time to see if there is an app akin to a measuring tape and its breakdown of numbers and also to divide up a piece of wood into smaller straight line cuts.


prezi on 12/3/12 (i saw the sun going down, and knew it was the near the time i used to see the morning sun peering through the window where i used to live in japan)

imagejpeg_2-1i did my capstone presentation tonight.  i am in great appreciation of my supporters too many to mention (and for security reasons).  so, i will just say without them i would have fallen down.  in other words, i practiced and practiced and believe i have had an evening i can be proud of.  if i had been asked i would have had a mini-drum concert as well as help make origami kabuto.  however, the questions did not come up, so i let the visitors ask what they wanted to hear:)

i am most proud of my daughter for teaching me how to, and she operated, create a prezi. i am also glad i talked slowly enough to be understood, and that i remembered to move the people along the lego bridge i built.

i could go on, but “i digest.”  i await further word on anything left to do for my graduate studies.


well, it finally (?) happened.  just a few months before i graduate from my alma mater in the mals program 2 things happened.

1)  i got sick again.  it never fails now.  just like getting sick on roller coasters i get sick in the fall.  and, i love the weather.  however, the weather is changing so drastic that it puts my body out of wack.  it is like being in a constant time machine.  emotions swell up and i ride the wave for a while, then i hit the under current and i hit the reef.  ouch.  the drastic change of weather fluctuating between summer and fall really does me in.

2)  i also got a chance to teach english to a japanese man.  it is exciting.  it is also strange because usually i would ride a train home, but in the usa i drive, and in contrast of my students leaving and speaking mostly japanese my student is surrounded by the experience of america.  for those who understand nuances, this number 2 is not needed to explain further, but for those that do…

3)  as i got lost coming back home i finally was able to access my gps on my phone.  guess where?  the place where only a year ago (about) i had gone and explained to my friends i had to get back to the island like jack felt in lost.  the connection with 2 is simple.  both chances i had an opportunity to be with japanese people, but last year i was in the middle of beginning my major, but now with more education, i am able to get my dream of teaching at the next level.  moral?  in order for me to get my dreams i have to   an understanding of others that creates a chance for me to ask questions like, “how about you?” instead of me going on and on and on about me.  i have, and will continue to do so, learned a lot.  

ps does my number 3 make sense?  or, do you need a number 4?:)

the ups and downs of becoming the eldest in a group

yesterday i had a great opportunity.  

at about 12am the night before last i got an email inviting me to carowinds.  i quickly used my skills of trying to get in touch with an international friend who is here who does not have a phone number.

1)  i called the place where he was staying…but there was no phone in his room (i thought his place of residency would have been like a hotel)

2)  i kept emailing him asking questions 

3)  on one of the answers, i got his”skype” address

so, from my computer i called him to his skype address and firmed up the carowinds.  i convinced him to go after 8:30am because i could save us some money for tickets.  as opposed to $55, we could pay $35.  that’s food and gas money, right?:)

i treated them to lunch at cook-out.  cheerwine floats…

but, then i got sick after one of the rides and spent, like last year, more time in the first-aid station.  but, he and his friend went around and did a lot of the rides…the whole purpose, right?

i treated them to dinner…we got to the place where we wanted to go just at closing time, so we went to mexican instead.

but, the opportunities i had for a kind of mix of cultural exchange were:

1)  i paid for their meals as the eldest does in japan

2)  i got help paying for gas and parking

3)  i got them a little souvenir…the carowinds snoopy stretched penny.  it is something unique.

so, all in all, i would say, the day went ok.  i just wish i could still ride roller coasters.