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amuro ikimasu

when i lived in japan i had the occasional chance for play.  one time i went snowboarding in nagano.  my friends taught me a few catch phrases to say for fun as i began my descent down the signless mountain.  there was no “black diamond” on this slope.  just ride the lift to the drop off point and that was it.

anyways, they taught me:

“amuro ikimasu”, and

“namu amida butsu”


as i look for the school where i will get my phd, i cannot help but think these phrases.  the first is from a cartoon, the later from buddha texts.  like my combination of messages, these 2 help remind me that i lived and worked in japan and not just studied it in a textbook.  i will, of course, be required to articulate better my thoughts, but as i study about japan it helps to remember that next to new japan, in peaceful co-habitation is old japan.  both living in harmony.  so, like broken metaphors and car mirrors also reminding me not to look back, i cannot help but think, ah, yes, “away i go…here goes nothing.”


About charleswinstead

having lived in japan for 3.5 years i wish to "go back to the island" as often as i can. i lived from 1999-2003. i went back in 2007, then again in 2011. i am a full time teacher, so the best time to go for me is during the summer vacation. it works out well because i love the sensational feelings i get in japan during the summer...especially playing taiko and eating lots of ma-cha ice.

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