prezi on 12/3/12 (i saw the sun going down, and knew it was the near the time i used to see the morning sun peering through the window where i used to live in japan)

imagejpeg_2-1i did my capstone presentation tonight.  i am in great appreciation of my supporters too many to mention (and for security reasons).  so, i will just say without them i would have fallen down.  in other words, i practiced and practiced and believe i have had an evening i can be proud of.  if i had been asked i would have had a mini-drum concert as well as help make origami kabuto.  however, the questions did not come up, so i let the visitors ask what they wanted to hear:)

i am most proud of my daughter for teaching me how to, and she operated, create a prezi. i am also glad i talked slowly enough to be understood, and that i remembered to move the people along the lego bridge i built.

i could go on, but “i digest.”  i await further word on anything left to do for my graduate studies.