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visual depiction of the lyrics

“Bamboo-grass leaves flowing in the wind”

like the “bamboo-grass leaves,” these wishes last night were tied to the branches.  a slight breeze gave the impression of fall.  the kind words for desires of the future of well-being gives a sense of hope.  combining the two ideas, the tree gave off the impression of a temporary reality like the 2 lovers able to meet only for a day and then return to their responsibilities so that chaos can be controlled.  impressions of this holiday leave (pardon the pun) me wondering what it is about nature that wants to be restricted.  i am reminded of “hiroshima mon amour” where the 2 lovers have to suppress the emotions of their past in order (pardon the pun again) to survive.  “flowing in the wind” suggests of freedom.  so, perhaps the result of this duality is harmony.  a breeze in the summer, for example last summer, soothed my body as i was able to remember the years i lived in japan with my then family and the days i would take a nap on the tatami mat with the sliding door open knowing that my daughter was happy.


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