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some pictures (to be organized later)

i am very grateful to the team that worked with me.  we spent many hours preparing for the event.  in fact, when the organizer MC announced his thank you, the summer festival lasted a little under three hours.  because i understand there was a heat advisory i saw lots of people just relaxing in the shade.  however, the children and their parents to make it to across the field and enjoy the water yo-yo and origami.  they were happy that the origami part was free.  so, even if they did not get a yo-yo, they got to do something.  reflecting back, and my cryptic self, i missed out writing a wish.  but, it would have, as my friend said, been the same.  somehow, i do not know how i would have written it, but “for my daughter’s mother and daughter happiness” may be the closest.

i was hoping that i would have heard back from some friends in japan and how their tanabata was.  the sky looked mighty bleak for the princess and the herdsman.  i did not see any stars last night.  i hope they met.  that would have been a good wish to write, right?


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