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my email (first response after the event)…awaiting pictures to be sent

thank you very much for allowing me to help lead a corner of the matsuri today.  i think everyone on my team had a great time.

1)  the sumo origami was a great hit.  
2)  the kabuto was also a good origami.
3)  we made 200 balloons.  sold, probably about 150, right?  the kids had a great time fishing for them.
4)  the time to prepare the balloons, shimbun origami, and tents was the right amount.  i came early at 12noon so it could all get done.  on the schedule it said 2pm.  so, if we do kabuto again, 12noon-5pm will give enough time for that and preparing the balloons.
5)  the amount of helpers i had was good, but unfortunately 2 did not come or stay to help.  so, i am glad another friend showed up.
6)  i could tell some kids were shy and so i read the tanabata story to the middle aged and high schoolers.  not many in the audience though.
thank you again.

About charleswinstead

having lived in japan for 3.5 years i wish to "go back to the island" as often as i can. i lived from 1999-2003. i went back in 2007, then again in 2011. i am a full time teacher, so the best time to go for me is during the summer vacation. it works out well because i love the sensational feelings i get in japan during the summer...especially playing taiko and eating lots of ma-cha ice.

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