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in japanese there are different ways of appreciation.
first, there is doumo arigatou gozaimasu. or you can shorten this to doumo arigatou or doumo. the latter can be a very man’s approach to answering the phone in japanese as opposed to moshi moshi.
also, there is itadakimasu before you eat. i was taught this word before i went to japan. i am happy to have known it because it shows one’s host thanks for the meal that s/he has made.
after the meal, gochisosama deshita is used. it is a nifty way to leave a restaurant after the staff says the polite thank you.
there is also the ookini. the first time i heard this was at the toll booth going into osaka. it is the little things we remember, right?
the food in this featured blog is simple to make. sliced bread, salt and pepper, tuna, and cheese. you put it in the toaster oven and when the cheese melts, it is ready. i was taught how to make it by my first roommate in japan. he is the one who took me to osaka.
so, as they say in japanese, maido. (another way to say, yep, you guessed it, thanks:)


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