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thoughts and skill level

the drum that i was able to play, if memory serves correctly, is about 500man en.  5,000,000 dollars?  it boasts from camaroon.  the head is cow.  wow.  it can be rented out, too.  the tree was sent by ship.  as i played it i could not help but think of kodo and the man who has the wonderful solo on the wadaiko.  if that is wadaiko, then what is this one?  it gives new meaning to the word “wa” or even “dai” for that matter.  wa is one of the old time ways of calling japan.  dai means big.  but ko does not mean child by any means.  in any event, i can only imagine the atmosphere that this taiko is used at.  if i finish my schedule early on july 23, i want to go to the tshushima festival.  i may be able to see it.  if it rains, does the show go on?  wow.  the vibration alone resonates (sp?) throughout the body.  it is quite amazing.  i always compare a drum to a tanuki’s belly (maybe because of a scene in momonoke hime?).  the scene was one of the important battle scenes between nature and for lack of better metaphors, the black smoke in lost.  i hope i was worthy of playing the drum from africa.


About charleswinstead

having lived in japan for 3.5 years i wish to "go back to the island" as often as i can. i lived from 1999-2003. i went back in 2007, then again in 2011. i am a full time teacher, so the best time to go for me is during the summer vacation. it works out well because i love the sensational feelings i get in japan during the summer...especially playing taiko and eating lots of ma-cha ice.

2 responses to “thoughts and skill level

  1. Hanna ⋅

    500man yen is $50,000

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