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ready, steady, go…

to borrow once again from the japanese, this time from the band l’arc en ciel, i now have had the chance to get the ball rolling.  in this case, and pardon the pun, drum roll:)

tonight over dinner i heard that there had been a program on the making of the japanese drum.  i got excited.  i thought perhaps this was the one that i had bought the tv program book 4 page story.  but, no, it was another one.  this time the time was unknown.  so, i went back to the 21st century drawing board aka the internet.  i went to the nhk homepage.  the result is about 141 links when wadaiko in japanese kanji is typed.  of special interest are the ones i have recently added.  even if one cannot read japanese, one can see the step by step process, right?  and, if you want engrish, head on down to the local Google site, copy, and paste, and voila, you have the new design for a t-shirt. 

so, lesson learned on july 14, 2011?  i actually had the chance to find a sempai.  she will correct my japanese manners.  mind you, i will not see my friend every day, but it is nice to know, that there is someone here to guide me and tell me, in a serious way, the dos and don’ts.  who knows maybe i can one day teach someone the same manners.  as a funny anecdote, i have the chance to eat with my friends.  my sempai asked where, and i said yokohama.  today she wanted to know why i compare yokohama to lunch.  i told her the kanji was the same.  i asked for a piece of paper and a pen.  i then began to teach her.  while she looked over my shoulder i wrote in hiragana the word for joke (and for some reason this pc will not let me type the word- instant karma?) aka *joudan*.  she and i had a laugh.  her co-worker asked what the kanji is and perhaps the joke will be paid forward.  in any event, it is nice to have some down time and have a cross-cultural understanding…even if it is a bit odd.  but, hey, as i said before, *now is the time.*


About charleswinstead

having lived in japan for 3.5 years i wish to "go back to the island" as often as i can. i lived from 1999-2003. i went back in 2007, then again in 2011. i am a full time teacher, so the best time to go for me is during the summer vacation. it works out well because i love the sensational feelings i get in japan during the summer...especially playing taiko and eating lots of ma-cha ice.

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